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Whole supporter

Dear Editor:

I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’m looking forward to free samples of free-range BBQ chicken skewers and fresh, warm tortilla chips. Whole Foods is not just another trip to the grocery store, it’s an experience! The decision to bring Whole Foods to our inevitably growing community could not be more appropriate, and if it requires a slightly larger store and some additional parking, Town Council should give them the nod.

Whole Foods shares our valley’s increasing interest and commitment to environmental stewardship, energy conservation, support of local and regional purveyors, and, of course, fueling up with fresh, organic produce, meats, and hard-to-find international ingredients.

I shopped at Whole Foods in college, and, now that I’ve moved back to Basalt, the “bulk” aisle at City Market just doesn’t cut it for me. Not only am I a self-proclaimed foodie, I believe we have a collective responsibility to support locally and think globally when it comes to noshing. Not to mention, I am excited to be able to shop internationally without having to drive to Denver to make authentic chicken korma!

Megan Lund


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