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Whole Foods long past due

Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity as a full-time Basalt resident to lay out the welcome mat for our future Whole Foods Market. This is a dream come true for me, having waited many years for the midvalley to have our own true health food market.

I have often wondered over the past 10 years why such a healthy and active community would not insist on having the best quality fresh foods and natural products available. Many of us waste so much gas and time driving to Glenwood Springs to get these items from Vitamin Cottage, and before that the Good Health Grocery. I try to bulk up on items at these stores so I will not have to go back as often, but on a daily basis I just accept whatever City Market has to offer.

Now it seems that, as of 2010, we will no longer have to settle. I think we should all be singing the praises that we are finally getting a Whole Foods Market right here in Basalt. I think the new town center will be the perfect location for people to shop and enjoy all the healthy offerings that will come with this fantastic market. It should not be viewed as something to fear, like a big-box store, but rather something that has been long past due for this health-conscious community.

Mary Cote


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