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Who says children don’t like greens?

Dear Editor:The Buddy Program would like to thank Katie Leonitis with the Slow Food Children’s Tasting Garden for graciously hosting a gardening activity for our Buddies, along with Elisa Orajada for her help at the activity. On Tuesday, Aug. 28, Katie and Elisa gave five Buddy pairs the opportunity to learn about growing and harvesting vegetables and to make their own delicious salads. The Big and Little Buddies had so much fun playing in the garden and picking out lettuce, peas, onions, and the biggest cabbage some of them had ever seen!Also instrumental to the afternoon was David Bedford, aka “the salad master,” who helped Buddies create the most colorful and tasty salads! During this activity, Buddies also got to hear interesting gardening folk tales from Shere Coleman, a wonderful Spellbinder Storyteller. From all of our Buddies who attended and from our staff here at The Buddy Program, we wish to thank everyone involved for making this fun and educational activity possible and for adding their own unique interest in gardening!Sole Lowe, senior program coordinatorThe Buddy ProgramBasalt