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Who needs character?

Dear Editor:

I am pleased that the Carbondale Board of Trustees has finally concluded their exhaustive discussions on the Village at Crystal River (VCR), and is giving the people of the town the chance to vote on it.

A larger City Market is just one of the many benefits that town residents will enjoy. Traffic on Main Street will disappear, and hundreds of parking spaces will always be available. Drivers won’t need to worry about getting their cars dinged when parking at La Fontana, Sopris, or the to-be-renamed City Market Plaza. Skateboarders will have dozens of acres of abandoned sidewalks and parking lots to use. And even though I have no idea how or why it will happen, I’ve no doubt that town sales tax revenue will be greater merely from the presence of a new mall.

Opponents of the VCR are too pragmatic and logical in their views. They need to have faith that dozens of fantastic retail stores will magically appear. It’s like that movie, “Field of Dreams”: If we build it, they will come. Never mind that half a dozen big-box retailers are just down the road in Glenwood Springs. Target and other stores would much rather have their outlets in a smaller town farther from the interstate highway.

Charm and character are vastly overrated. Let’s build the VCR so Carbondale can resemble the thousands of other McTowns across this great country.

Craig Silberman



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