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Who looks stupid now?

Dear Editor:

I remember back when the vote for the [Burlingame Ranch] project was being discussed, my brothers and I were sitting around eating lunch and we thought the proposed cost was at least three times understated, based on size and foreseeable increases in costs, and laughed that it could potentially be five or six times that based on the price of oil, ha. “Burlingame underestimated by $73 M,” May 16).

In my business as a CPA, if I issue a projection and people rely on it, and it turns out to be this materially misstated, I get sued for FRAUD, lose my license, lose my house, probably go to jail, and to use a technical accounting term, look really stupid.

And now the talk is how to finish the next phases??? Are you serious???

Stop while you are only waaaay behind.

Mike Marolt