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Who is treasonous?

Dear Editor:Mike Mason asks if Jim Paussa knows the meaning of the word “treason” (Letters, Dec. 2). I would suggest that it is Mike Mason who is doesn’t understand this word.The administration misled us into starting a war in Iraq when it wasn’t Iraq who attacked us. That war has been a great recruiting tool for al-Qaida, and now there are more terrorists than ever dedicated to harming the United States and its citizens. We now have American soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq because of an ill-conceived, poorly executed military adventure. The best way to reduce the risks to all Americans is to get the troops out of Iraq. That is what a loyal patriot like John Murtha would do.The administration gives lip service to “supporting the troops.” But they sent insufficient troops into Iraq to do what they wanted done. They failed to provide adequate armor for personnel and their vehicles. And when the Iraq veterans return home, they will find that their loyal president has been busy reducing veterans’ benefits.We are not being protected by this administration. The 9/11 commission faults the government for not implementing its recommendations to keep America safe. In the commission’s assessment, because of the failure of the government, it is not a matter of if the next terrorist attack occurs, it’s a matter of when it occurs.Protecting its citizens is the most important role of government. This government is failing that role. My dictionary says that treason is “the betrayal of a trust.” The definition fits President Bush’s actions more accurately than Congressman Murtha’s.Gerry TerwilligerBasalt

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