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Who is this dissenter?

I was rather pleased to read Saturday’s Aspen Daily News headline, “World-renowned radio host demands regime change.” Here is another “… man on a mission … who won’t rest until … one of the world’s most dangerous regimes gets toppled. …” The regime about which he is talking is the president of the United States of America!

Why am I so interested? Because now Mick Ireland has an apparent fellow traveler.

In the BOCC meeting of Feb. 12, 2003, Mick made the original statement ” “But I think a lot of other regime changes would be good for mankind … in fact, there could be a regime change in the United States and I wouldn’t object.”

As I pointed out to him in my letter at the time, he is part of the “regime” in Pitkin County, and I urged him to stay and serve out his (third) term, rather than become part of the “regime change” he proposed.

Now, he has support from “The renowned media analyst and internationally syndicated radio host … dissenter … Bush administration critic.” (ADN, Jan. 24)

But who is this “Boulder-based dissenter … willing to hold my nose and vote for anyone” (Monday’s Aspen Times) to defeat President Bush? Who rehashed the “liberal” mantra of Hitler, Hermann Goering and Nazi Gestapo tactics, while referencing the Bush administration?

Allan Combes he’s not. Rush Limbaugh he’s not. Sean Hannity he’s not. Mike Rosen he’s not. Michael Reagan he’s not. Even liberals have not heard him, or heard of him. No matter, he agrees with Mick.

I really admired Mick Ireland’s comment in his letter of Jan. 21, in both the ADN and AT, in which he quoted Martin Luther King. “You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him.”

Hopefully, Mick’s letter and the original statement by Martin Luther King regarding “hatred” were read and will be observed by Ted Rall, Molly Ivins, Maureen Dowd, David Barsamian, Ellen Goodman, Sue Gray, Bill Press, Gaylord Guenin and “The honor roll: 20 plus and counting” mentioned by a Carbondale resident back in July 2003, as well as those who paid for and supported the full-page ad in The Aspen Times of July 24.


P. Nicklin