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Who is smaller?

Dear Editor:Your Aug. 10 online edition talks about Bob Woodward’s recent blather in Aspen, mentioning the “the smallness of Richard Nixon. Too often [he used] the power of the presidency to settle a score.” Excuse me, Mr. Woodward, but who is the smaller: the much-maligned president, who while governing a nation in crisis (which, thanks to the protest-cultured turmoil of the early 1970s, ours was), succumbs to temptation, or the reporter who uses an unnamed source to target the miniature president, then publicly scuttles that source decades later (after making millions off his alleged testimony) when the man is too senile to defend himself?Look up, Mr. Woodward, and you’ll see you’re in the company of the other gunk that is best scraped off the bottom of our shoes.Dave TerryFrisco, Texas

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