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Who does Tony represent?

Tony Hershey in his recent letter to the editors issues a call to action on behalf of Pitkin County voters to “end the nightmare” of their commute into and out of Aspen.

Hershey’s exaggerated concern about non-Aspen residents is in stark contrast to his total disregard of the interests and democratic rights of the Aspen voters he claims to represent.

He sought on solely technical grounds to invalidate a petition signed by 800-plus Aspen voters who opposed the city signing over an easement on the Marolt open space to CDOT without an election authorizing it.

And after a state hearing officer ruled against him and validated the petition for a second time, he joined a three-man majority of the City Council that voted to “disallow” the petition again on technical grounds.

And, while saying that there should be a vote on the Entrance to Aspen and assuring us that CDOT would not build the Entrance if the voters were against it, he refused to include a clause to that effect in the easement.

Hershey claims to really care about the rights of Aspen commuters. But what about the democratic rights of the 800-plus Aspen voters who signed a valid petition? And what about the rights of several hundred additional non-Aspen voters who also supported the petition?

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On Nov. 5, vote for democratic rights and against Tony Hershey’s straight shot.

Janice Collins


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