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Who deserves your vote?

Dear Editor:

As we start the sprint to the finish on May 5 for a mayor, how can we be good citizens?

First of all we must be critical thinkers. Listen without preconceived prejudice. Do not look at the name of who said what. Look at what is said. What issues are the most important to each of you? Affordable housing, parking, traffic, government accountability, civil discourse ” there are plenty of issues ” which one is most important to you?

I suggest that every voter should choose their own issue. Then listen to the candidates. Ask questions of them. Has Mick addressed the issue in a manner consistent with your views? How have the candidates addressed your issue? Base your voting decision on the answers and listen to your inner voice.

For me there are two issues that are really important, besides affordable housing. I am concerned with what appears to be an attitude of entitlement by city staff. And I am concerned with how the city government and city staff spend tax dollars. P-cards for 87 percent of the city employees is just not right. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on food is just not right. The belief that an employee is entitled to such excesses is just not right. Spending $18.5 million on land banking without an appraisal is just not right.

I will base my voting decision on how the candidates address my key issues. I will not blindly vote for anyone.

We have seen that the battles and wars we fight cannot be won with military might alone. We win when we win over the hearts and minds of the people in Iraq. The candidate I vote for must earn my vote. The person I vote for must win my heart and mind.

Ward Hauenstein


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