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Who are these weenies?

Dear Editor:

While passing by the mall today, Dec. 29, peak holiday season, I noticed the Popcorn Wagon is still closed. It’s not like it matters to me personally, because I will not stand outside to eat a $9 burger or popcorn priced on the menu as “m.p. …”

It matters to the incompetent proprietors, because pretty much the only people who will go there are the visitors in town for these two to three weeks. I mean come on – daily special popcorn at market price? What, are they going to put a piece of #1 sashimi-grade tuna on it? There are $6 to $9 hot dogs on Junk’s menu, but no hot dogs at all on the Wagon’s menu. I will spell it out: Laugh Out Loud!

I also found a hidden gem of a burger today, priced at $6.50, and one can sit inside to eat it! Mountain Naturals, in the AABC and locally owned, offers a killer, grass-fed, locally raised beef burger, perfectly cooked. They also have turkey and veggie burgers at the same price, which I did not try, but can assume are just as good. The burger wars will rage on, but the Junk Wagon will be the first casualty, if it is not already dead.

Also, I sincerely hope the contractors currently remodeling the thing get paid. I’m surprised anyone would take the job. I bet they came in from out of town, too.

Chris “Dogger” Anderson

Aspen Highlands/Fruita

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