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Who are the special interests?

Sheldon Fingerman recently published an editorial on how to write letters to the editor. He said keep them short, which I will. He also admitted sometimes he doesn’t get his facts straight.

This week he claims, “There is a trolley vote on the horizon, and the only reason it will be on the ballot is because of pressure from special interests groups.” Sheldon, please explain to me the facts ? who are the special interests?

City Council asked the trolley supporters to demonstrate there was an interest in preserving Aspen’s trolleys. Over 1,000 valley residents signed a petition to keep Aspen’s trolleys.

Responding to this petition, two weeks ago the City Council agreed to place the issue on the ballot this November. In the process the City Council asked many questions and insured the ballot question will be quite specific. They did not cave in to pressure from any special interest group.

A trolley system helps Aspen by providing vitality, distinguishes Aspen from other mountain resorts, stimulates business, attracts tourists, and meets many of the city planning goals including moving people and serving parking.

Trolleys help their communities. Visit the http://www.aspentrolley.com Web site to view the Aspen Trolley proposal and the positive influence trolleys have had in 23 communities which have implemented trolley systems since Aspen first considered trolleys in 1975.

When voters approve trolleys, the Aspen Street Railway Co. will raise funds and build a trolley system for Aspen, at no cost to the city, because it makes sense to the community.

Please walk through #519, one of Aspen’s six historic trolleys, which has been restored and is now on display at the east end of Rubey Park. We are seeking voter support, contributions and help.

Sheldon, if trolleys succeed, please just take a ride and don’t eat one of Aspen’s trolleys ? there are too many legal consequences.

Kip Wheeler


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