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Who are the oppressors?

The July 1 Aspen Times carried a letter by Dave Reed of Basalt, taking issue with America and Israel’s fight against terrorism. He suggests that our fight against terrorism is having an opposite effect and making enemies around the world.

Mr. Reed stated, “We, as a nation, need to spend a lot more time listening to complaints of oppressed peoples and showing that we are willing to do something to help.”

The term “oppressed people” should be defined. Who are the oppressors in those countries to which he alluded?

Who have been the oppressors of the downtrodden in Afghanistan, North Korea, many African countries, Arab lands and, yes, of the Palestinians? It has been their own corrupt and deceptive governments that keep their populations under suppression.

There has not been a democracy amongst them! These evil dictatorships and kingdoms have used the United States and Israel as scapegoats in maintaining and furthering their control.

They shift the blame to the good guys, the successful guys. To do this, some use a twisted form of a responsible and good religion to convince the young people that killing innocents is a God-pleasing event.

Government-sponsored hatred is taught at the earliest age and it incorporates blatant, horrible lies to further the cause. There are many oppressed in this world. Most of these would gladly trade places with the supposedly “miserable” Palestinians.

The West Bank and Gaza people were leading a comparatively nice life while negotiations were going on, and before the use of terrorism was instituted. Isn’t it interesting that no Arab government has done anything to improve the lives of these brothers, other than giving stipends to families of “martyrs”?

The have-nots of the world would try to better themselves if their governments would use available resources and teach their societies what democracy could do for them. How many disadvantaged people in the barrios of countries to our south, or for that matter, live in some of our own inner cities, resort to blowing themselves and other innocent people to bits to further their cause? They know right from wrong.

Should we help other less fortunate countries help themselves? Absolutely. First, however, we must eliminate those factions that use terror and violence to wrongly plead their case.

Ron Harris


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