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Who are the 2008 Newsmakers of the Year?

ASPEN ” For the past several years, in our final edition of the Aspen Times Weekly, we have surveyed the year’s events with a look at the Newsmakers of the Year. It’s not unlike the “biggest stories of the year” that readers have undoubtedly seen in other newspapers and media outlets, but ours is more focused on the people and personalities that drove the news. And we feel that human focus is the right one for a small-town newspaper.

We’ll be the first to admit that Mother Nature/Old Man Winter isn’t really a person, but our newsroom discussions about the events of the year left no doubt as to which story most gripped Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley. And “The Voter,” of course, is not one person but a collective “we” that made history in 2008.

As for the others, we chose individuals like Marilyn Marks, Bob Daniel and John Sarpa not just because of what they said or did. For a variety of reasons, they became the de facto “faces” of certain, long-running local issues; in Marks’ case, the issue was the Burlingame housing controversy and in Daniel and Sarpa’s case it was the Lift One Master Plan at the base of Aspen Mountain.

This is hardly a comprehensive list of everyone and everything that made news in Aspen this year. In fact, we’re quite sure we’ve left out important names. Nonetheless, we hope this story, or package of stories, will evoke thoughts and memories of 2008.

Happy New Year.