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Which technocrat will you be voting for?

Dear Editor:

Now that Steve Skadron has been chosen to replace Mick Ireland as mayor of Aspen, the actual electoral process promises to be about as suspenseful as watching to see if Dmitry Medvedev would really replace Vladimir Putin. Though I probably shouldn’t use a Russian comparison, people might think I mean something by it.

I went website hopping to see what the losers – oops – challengers have to say:

“I am committed to exploring and investing in our economic sustainability.” “I will insist that citizen boards and commissions report their findings directly to council.” “Avoid creating long-term problems with shortsighted decisions.” “Preserv(e) Aspen’s unique small-town character while providing appropriate opportunities for vitality and economic stability.”

Be still, my beating heart. Given an election that might conceivably attract a 40 percent turnout, don’t be too surprised if you can’t tell which mayoral candidate made which statement above. I couldn’t bring myself to go through the same process for council; the excitement was too much for me.

A week ago, I pointed out that the only deficient piece of infrastructure in Aspen is the highway leading into town. We have reason to believe that about 60 percent of the Aspen electorate would like to fix the entrance and that they realize “fixing it” means expanding the highway to four lanes that everyone can use.

I offered to contact 800 registered Aspen voters who recently were denied the right to place their highway initiatives on the ballot and encourage them to vote for anyone who elevates the fixing of Highway 82 to the top of their priority list for the next two years.

I heard not a peep.

It might be too late to assist any candidates directly, as I will be out of the country by Friday. (Hold your applause, please.) Also, it would not be surprising if every single council and mayoral candidate is drawn from that pool of 40 percent who want to keep the entrance to Aspen exactly as it is today, making this a moot point.

However, if there is a single member of the 60 percent who is running for office, could you please explain to me why you have decided to concede this election? And it’s not just about the entrance; it is about the willingness to say any freaking thing that doesn’t sound like political gobbledygook.

Try it now before it’s too late.

Jeffrey Evans


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