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Which choice is worse?

Dear Editor:Somehow the city has gotten itself in the position of having to chose among two bad alternatives for the development at the base of Aspen Mountain. On the one hand, 14 luxury town homes will be built. They will add nothing to resolving the housing shortage in Aspen. But they will not make it worse. On the other hand, a luxury hotel will be built on this site. This will also add nothing to resolving the housing crisis, but it will make it worse. Even if you accept the dubious employment figures of the developers, you have a deficit of some 70 employees who will need housing.The figures provided by the developer – which do not jibe with the national standard figures – have as a premise people working double jobs, 60-hour weeks and all the rest. I suggest that the council review the representations made by the other luxury hotels in their applications and compare them with the actual number of employees.This aside, for a community that prides itself on greening, the proposed hotel is a nightmare. The ski lift will be moved up the hill requiring additional transportation. South Aspen street will be heated – a ridiculous luxury. And then there is the construction, which will involve some 7,500 truck loads of mine tailings through the streets of Aspen. And there are the dozens and dozens of construction workers who will have to be housed somewhere. If you want to get an inkling of what this will involve, I suggest that you stand across from the construction site on South Aspen.I hate the idea of these luxury condos, but the hotel is worse.Jeremy Bernstein, Ph.D.Aspen