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Where’s Waldo’s bed?

Dear Editor:

Waldo lost his bed!

Aspen’s favorite Saint Bernard, Waldo, was the proud grand marshal at the Dog Days parade in Bonedale this past Sunday. (It was a great, fun event, by the way ” Jane Bachrach did a fabulous job coordinating.)

Anyway, after the parade we took Waldo’s large, stinky, dirty bed (with printed paw prints) off the decorated trailer and placed it near our booth. At some point during the afternoon, it disappeared! We’re not sure where it ended up, but if someone knows where it went, Waldo would sure like it back. It’s his outdoor bed, and it’s much softer on his achy joints than the patio.

Please call 404-2679 if you find it. Thanks for your help!

Molly and Mike Peterson



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