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Where’s the real news?

Dear Editor:

I have been out of town since the election, but I understand there has been a lot of trouble a brewing. I see that Brent Gardner-Smith discovered that Marilyn Marks was late on her property tax. Wow! The stories around town must be awfully thin to lead with a property tax story on the front page of the Aspen Daily News. I can just imagine the ADN war room at dead line.

“Okay what do we got?”

“Well, there is a story about a guy that didn’t pick up after his pooch and there is another story about the solar paid parking station placed under the roof of Kimo Sabes and …” Then Brent “Scoops” Gardner-Smith breaks into the room and screams “stop the presses, I got the story. Marilyn Marks didn’t pay her property taxes on time.” Boy, way to go Scoops, you have saved the day.

Leave it to the ADN to try to make this a bigger story than the Burlingame fiasco. So I guess its okay for the City of Aspen to waste millions of dollars, but it’s not okay for a citizen to be late on her property tax, which she did pay (including penalties) once she discovered her mistake. Not only did she pay, but it was weeks before Scoops went fishing for the story. Nice job, Scoops.

Then this morning I stumbled on the ADN story that Michael Conniff got axed by his bosses at FAIR. Wow, another front page story. Gripping. This is the guy that runs the Aspen Post or the Aspen Rent-a-rag. I never knew the Rent-a-rag existed until I got a call from Jonathan Lekstutis (another FAIR employee that got the axe) asking me questions about Marilyn Marks. Mr. Lekstutis tried to get me to comment on a statement that he said Marilyn made: “There were no criminal actions made by the city council in regards to Burlingame.” I told Mr. Lekstutis that I believed he was lying about the quote and told him to lose my phone number. What a stellar journalist.

The ADN story goes on to quote Mr. Conniff’s blog that anyone who criticizes FAIR are “butt boys” of Marks. This guy has the gall to print this on his blog in the wake California Proposition 8 controversy. Sounds like someone should consider anger management classes. Shame on you.

I understand that Mr. Conniff has a radio show and that he was full tilt against Marilyn on Tuesday morning. I don’t listen to the local radio, because it really blows, so I didn’t hear any of Mr. Conniff’s shenanigans. Viva satellite radio.

Maybe someday the local media at large will actually report a true story because its a story. We can only hope.

James H. Perry


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