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Where’s the love?

How does it feel? There you go Mac, with emotional pleadings. The response would not be pleasant if such a structure would be erected here, in The Pines.

You see, Mac, I retreated from the city of Aspen, on East Hopkins as the skyline was changing in the late ’90s. It was because the tall structures on Hopkins, Hyman and many other streets are generally located within the city limits. These buildings have a place in a business district such as Aspen. We enjoy Aspen and the shopping/dining, even today, while we also see signs of dementia and hysteria.

Mac, do you not agree that the street safety issues should be the concern for the city, and not be put as a burden to the developer? Do you, Mac, not agree that a lodge, generating vitality ” economically and aesthetically ” has a place within the city limits of Aspen? If I was to buy a house next to the Snowmass Mall, then your emotional analogy would be answered differently. You see, Mac, the adjectives used by many readers try to paint developers with a broad brush ” words like “greedy,” “pushy,” “cynical,” “slimy” and even “sleazy,” not to mention, “the slimy developer’s hired gun, who runs roughshod and rambles,” etc. Sadly, the city officials, unfairly, are labeled the same. Why is it that a simple premise of controlled growth in a commercial sector is now, finally, such a bad thing? Perhaps, a cookie-cutter, one-story town gets you excited, Mac?

We should leave the pristine forests for all of us to enjoy together and simultaneously allow this lodge to create a tax base and amenities which we can all enjoy.

The rents are so high that shops fold and only the high-end, well-funded ones survive. It is sad to see this sophomoric dogma served under the guise of preservation. A narrow-minded emotional plane should not become the platform controlled by few without fairness. A more syllogistic process will yield fair results for all.

C’mon, Mac, where’s the love? Can’t we all get along, Mac? Remember? No vision? Show me some love here, please. Enjoy some spring skiing. It may clear your head.

Jouko J. Rissanen

Snowmass Village

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