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Where’s the love for Jazz Aspen Snowmass?

Dear Editor:

I am certainly behind the city when it comes to spending our tax dollars to help bring large events to the area. But I question the large amounts of money put toward some events and not


The bike race is pretty cool. Unfortunately, it goes by so quickly that most folks who come in for the event are only here for the night. Most hotels and rental companies are encouraged to lower their prices to make it cost effective for the teams, sponsors, etc.

I have talked to people across the board in the Aspen retail industry, and during the two-day period, they all virtually said their businesses might as well have been closed. No one was shopping.

The parking lot at City Market was empty. I did hear most restaurants did all right during the one night of the race, but throughout August, most restaurants are pretty full anyway. On this particular night, unless you reside in the core, you didn’t get out. There was no parking. (I have yet to see the TV coverage of Aspen. Hopefully we got some.)

Now, I am not saying we should not support this race, to the tune of $300,000-plus a year, but I am wondering why the city does not do a better job in supporting Jazz Aspen Snowmass each year. This event brings in people from all over the county, and the town is packed during this three-day weekend.

Most hotels and rental companies actually raise their rates over this three-day weekend. (Most of the tourists/owners are coming in for at least three to four nights.)

The restaurants are packed all day long! The retail stores are buzzing with activity, the airport is slammed, and its base operation resembles New Year’s Eve with all the private jets! I can’t imagine the dollars that Jazz Fest brings into this area each year.

I personally would love to see the city kick in $300,000 for this event so Jazz Aspen Snowmass could get some really big-name entertainers and help put Aspen on the map as having the best Labor Day jazz fest in the country!

Kristi Gilliam


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