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Where’s the help for earthquake victims?

Dear Editor:After watching CBS’s Sunday night edition of “60 Minutes” featuring a segment on the effects of the major earthquake in remote areas of Afghanistan, I was astonished at the extent of the damage, death and suffering of those people. More than 80,000 people died in that country, and I for one, after the initial quake, have seen minimum news reports on that event. I guess it is old news, considering the two previous incredible global natural disasters, and the political bickering that must be covered in this country.After very successful major U.S. fund-raising efforts for the tsunami and the Gulf hurricane, I personally have seen no relief efforts for this horrific event. There are several million people without homes, many of which are facing a winter in mountainous areas harsher than the Rocky Mountains without even tents, let alone medical supplies and food. I hope the generous people of this valley are able to once again dig down and help these poor humans with contributions.Jack MillerAspen

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