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Where’s the enforcement?

Dear Editor:

While driving my merry way from downvalley to the Aspen area at the speed limit, many cars, trucks, and buses are passing and weaving in and out thinking the speed limit means the lower limit one should drive. Cars, trucks, and buses are traveling from 5 to 25-plus miles per hour over the limit.

Vehicles are weaving in and out to pass those of us that are going at the speed limit. Drivers are coming up in blind spots racing by.

How about speed traps?

How about radar control?

How about camera control?

How about enforcement?

How about any kind of control here?

The same conditions occur driving downvalley from the Aspen area.

All of us speed-limit-drivers need help as the abusers continue to create dangerous conditions and continue to invite accidents.

Hopefully the “over the limit” club will read this letter and start being more considerate and law abiding.

Let’s have some HEAT IS ON in the Snowmass Canyon area.

I invite other drivers to campaign this cause.

Sue Driggers