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Where’s the background check?

Dear Editor:

While reading about the Afghanistan-born Colorado man who allegedly received al-Qaida training and had bomb-making instructions on his computer who is being held in Denver pending a detention hearing, I noticed Najibullah Zazi is an airport shuttle driver.

An airport shuttle driver at the Denver International Airport where I have to fly through to get anywhere from Aspen? Airport? Al-Qaida? Bomb making? Is there something wrong with this picture? Don’t they screen airport shuttle drivers for possible terrorist activities? Who hired him to work at the airport? What kind of clearance does he have? Does he have access to the planes? To the trains that take us to the terminals? To the terminals themselves? Is anyone aware of the proclivity of bus bombings in the Middle East?

Oh right, he’s Afghan born, so if he was put through any kind of minimal security check, that would probably be considered racial profiling. I get it; I feel much safer flying now.

Nina Hawn Zale


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