Where the leavin’s easy

Dear Editor:In the setting of hoping to discourage additional auto traffic into Aspen, it was shocking to see The Aspen Times print the outrageously optimistic column by Paul Anna (“Giddy,” March 9). He uses such seductive comments as, “sky was a cobalt blue,” “creamy white frosting,” “at my happiest,” etc. If this continues, the “straight shot” will become reality and light rail inevitable. And, owners will once again be able to unload their homes for a profit. Mentioning such things should remain politically incorrect, such as the benefits of being rich, the pleasures of driving a Porsche turbo, or the thrill of singing at the Crystal Palace. This does not even address the unfairness to we out-of-staters who have to endure less-than-Camelot conditions day to day. Enough crowing, already!Which provokes my other point: If increased traffic and crowding is the concern over the straight shot, and I am amazed that the geniuses there have not suggested this, why not make the lanes over the Marolt Open Space downvalley only, which would make it easy to leave but much harder to enter Aspen, resulting in a net loss of visitors?David MulkeyLas Vegas


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