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Where is the truth?

Now that I’ve heard from three different Carbondale town employees that they would be losing their jobs if Huster’s project didn’t go through I’ve hit a new level of disgust for this entire issue.

Is there no end to what these people will do for money? The deceptions, misinformation, outright lies and insults have been despicable.

If I were weaker I would just throw up my hands and let them “pave paradise and put up a parking lot,” because it’s too far to drive 15 minutes to Glenwood Springs for underwear twice a year. I’d say fine, just let all the existing empty retail spaces stay empty and disregard all the tax revenue they would bring in because we really do need to build something too huge for words just because.

I would give up and support something that will mar our community permanently, create an environment which will add unimaginable frustration and aggravation, and cost us dearly. I’d give my OK for the developer and his pals to make lots of money off of us and leave us with a nightmare.

If I weren’t committed to doing what I feel is right and necessary I’d be content to sit back and watch shoppers file into a big box discount convenience store and spend hours trying to find that desperately needed underwear.

I’ve tried to be nice and gotten ridiculed, not only for what the Town Mothers stand for, but for being a woman. I’ve tried to be rational but that only works if you are talking to rational people, and thank goodness there are many.

But can’t we learn from people from places who have seen it all before like the woman from Warwick? This wouldn’t be the first big box that has ruined a small town.

The mayor and Town Council have assured us that this fear tactic threat to town workers is unfounded. I have to wonder why so many are under the same impression. Where has the TRUTH been in all this?

This ludicrous plan is not the ONLY way for the town to generate tax revenue. WE have the power to create the prosperous yet unique community we all want. We don’t have to give the town away to a questionable developer.

Vote no on July 15. It is your quality of life that is at stake.

Katherine Ware


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