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Where is the naughty list?

Dear Editor:

Brennan Mack takes Hotel Jerome to the woodshed for renting to someone of whom he disapproves and me for defending the Jerome (“Lowering the bar,” Letters to the Editor, Jan. 23, Aspen Daily News). Mack says he owns a “small business.” So, presumably, Mack does a background check on all his customers? Is that what it has come to? “Sorry, I can’t sell you a T-shirt because you are on the naughty list.” So who is in charge of making criteria for, and adding names to, the naughty list? Reverend, er, Mr. Mack? I’m obviously not as current as Mack, I have no clue who Mr. Vhatshisname is, so is there a website I can check to see who has been naughty so I know who we can sell stuff too?

Hey, we are all free to make choices and voice our opinions on the choices of others. I am not suggesting that the protesters should not protest Vhatshisname; I am just commenting on what I see as the misdirection of their point and the venue they have chosen while adding a voice of support and thanks to the Jerome for everything it means to this community.

It seems to me if the protesters are so incensed with Vhatshisname, they should direct their ire at him and not every local business he and his entourage spent money in – including the Jerome. It may be convenient and get the protesters’ attention to bust Vhatshisname’s chops by dragging the Jerome in on it, but I say leave the innocent local businesses out of the argument because if the Jerome is “guilty,” so is every other shop, restaurant and company that sold something to him – or anyone else on the naughty list.

Scott Writer


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