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Where is the empathy?

Dear Editors:I went back and forth on whether to write this letter as I am not an avid letter-to-the-editor writer, but I was so outraged by a letter you ran that I decided I should, since no one else did. This letter is in response to a letter that you ran a few weeks ago from Justino Ochoa, the man who was responsible for the terrible beating at the Thursday night, free concert in Snowmass Village (letters, Aug. 1).In his letter Justino apologized to the people of the community for his senseless actions that night. As a member of the Snowmass Village community, I am somewhat appreciative of the sentiment, but shouldn’t he be apologizing to the gentleman that he hospitalized with serious and lasting injuries? While his apology may be well received by some, I am personally outraged that he asks the community for their forgiveness and seemingly for their understanding. He is an adult who made conscious decisions that night that resulted in his current situation. His victim did not have the luxury of those decisions and has still not received an apology. Should the community be made to feel bad for Justino? Is it appropriate for him to stir up feelings of empathy when he himself has shown none?Lisa WillisonSnowmass Village