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Where has real democracy gone?

Dear Editor:

One would think from all the choices on the ballot for president and vice president we actually were a democracy. It sure looks good to the outsider. But we all know that only a Republican or a Democrat can possibly win. Now why is that? I think part of the reason is people have been brainwashed into thinking “Once a Democrat or Republican, always a Democrat or Republican,” no matter that the party platform is nothing like it started out to be or either candidate is being honest with you.

Another thing is we seem to think patriotism has something to do with being loyal to the government and military. That’s a total myth! Patriotic means being connected to the land. The land is, after all, the one thing that won’t lie to you and doesn’t change much. It’s pretty firm.

I puzzle over the fact that Ralph Nader represents what about 75 percent of Americans really stand for. Why then don’t we vote for him? I was asked if I listened to the debates. I answered “no, I need not waste my time listening to lies and script. I do, however, watch DEMOCRACY NOW faithfully and saw what no one else saw on the corporate media. That was the peaceful demonstration going on outside of tithe debates. That was a large crowd wanting to ask questions about the war, veterans treatment once they return home, corporate crime, global warming, etc., etc. The usual police brutality was very evident. War veteran cops were knocking down the demonstrating veterans. I also saw some of the other party presidential candidates debate [candidates that aren’t allowed in the televised debates in our land of the free] the very questions that are really important and concern all of us.

The world has gone wrong and our culture is unraveling. Hate, greed, and ignorance are the true weapons of mass destruction in the U.S. of A (apathy). How can we claim to be Christian and be so full of hate? How can we be so supposedly educated and yet be so ignorant? The greed part speaks for itself ” just look around.

You can say anything you want about me. That doesn’t matter, just please vote using common sense and help us take back our government and begin to rebuild a genuine democracy. Thank you.

Roine St. Andre


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