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Where credit is due

Dear Editor:Thanks for the article in Tuesday’s Times about the Oscar award for Zana Briskie’s film “Born into Brothels.”They say it takes a whole village to raise a child, and surely the success of Zana’s film is the product of a worldwide (including Aspen) village working together on a wonderful project that is already making a big difference for a lot of kids all over. Thanks are due to all who have made this possible.It just goes to show how a little help rendered can have effects way beyond what was thought possible, like the ripples from a small pebble thrown into a big pond.The prints of these disadvantaged kids’ photographs are being sold all over the world, and the proceeds are being used to help these young people find their way to a better life.While it has been a great privilege for me to participate in this effort, I need to say that the prints of the kids’ photographs that have been shipped worldwide came from the printers of a local “digital village” that calls itself Digital Arts Aspen. Those prints (and they are beautiful, by the way) were made by employees of Digital Arts Aspen, most recently by its head printer, Charles Abbott, and I can take no credit (much as I would like to) for them. All the credit for their beauty belongs to Digital Arts Aspen and its personnel.Thanks very much,Mike StranahanAspen

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