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Where are we going?

Kudos to the Times for its outstanding presentation of Bruce Berger’s stake in the Entrance to Aspen controversy, and for outlining the history of that saga.

As a 40-year resident of Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley, I have a few comments.

First, Bruce’s home is not some “fantasy world” Pooh Corner. It is the longtime residence of one of Aspen’s most accomplished and best known authors. In other times and other places where poets and artists were honored, that fact alone would render Bruce’s dwelling sacrosanct.

And, indeed, this log home, one of the first projects by celebrated architect Fritz Benedict, has been deemed worthy of inclusion on Aspen’s historic preservation list.

But, like the longtime dedication of Marolt Park as permanent open space, historic and environmental preservation unfortunately seem to be low priorities for some people – the same people who view the “straight shot” as a progressive solution to Aspen’s traffic congestion, which it certainly would not be.

Let’s face it: Traffic congestion is caused not by any particular highway configuration, but by too many cars. If the “straight shot” is implemented, choked-up traffic problems will simply move from the S-curves to the roundabout – a more dangerous alternative, considering how conducive the roundabout already is to manifestations of road rage.

Finally, I have trouble understanding why straight shot supporters want to bow to CDOT’s bullying and despoil what little is left of Aspen’s unique character by homogenizing its entrance into a mini-version of Camino Real, Calif., or Route 22, N.J. Don’t we care about where we’re going?

Karen Chamberlain

Glenwood Springs

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