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When you’ve got it good

Nate Peterson

Aspen, CO ColoradoAfter yet another powder day Sunday, you’re starting to wonder how long it can go on like this. Everywhere else, it seems, winter forgot to show up, while here in Aspen we’re surrounded – or covered, if you prefer – by riches.On the same day that you rode fresh for three hours straight, International Ski Federation officials scrapped the legendary Hahnenkamm downhill in Kitzbuhel, Austria. That’s like canceling the Super Bowl because of a grass shortage.It’s just the latest in a long list of World Cup cancellations in Europe this season because of unseasonably warm temperatures and a lack of snowfall. Last week, race officials were flying in snow to form a white ribbon down the face of the most dangerous downhill course in the world, but eventually there was no getting past the fact that it’s just not cold enough for the track to hold up.On Saturday, you learned that the men’s and women’s halfpipe contests at the FIS Snowboard World Championships in Arosa, Switzerland, had been shortened because of continuous rain. Yes, rain – in the Swiss Alps, in January.Earlier this month, you heard from your sister that cherry blossoms were blooming in New York while she was there on a business trip. Finally, it seems, winter has made its way to the East Coast, but not after a disastrous holiday season where resorts lost truckloads of anticipated income because of shortage of snow.You won’t launch into a tirade here about global warming, and how anxious you are about the uneasy future we all face if we don’t make some critical changes soon. All you will say is that you are thankful winter is here this year. Truly, this place wouldn’t feel the same without it.


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