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When Young Dolph Comes to Town

Rapper’s ‘Aspen’ single and video chronicles an extravagant February visit

When a friend in the service industry shared some lurid details about getting summoned to a Ute Avenue mansion rented out by the rapper Young Dolph in mid-February, I shrugged it off another tale of private celebrity excess in Aspen. He described what might’ve been pounds of weed, seven-figure jewelry purchases downtown, a fleet of Lamborghinis and a small entourage in one of Aspen’s most excessive rental homes.

Turns out, the trip wasn’t just a vacation flex from the Memphis-bred hitmaker behind “Major.” It was part of his creative process.

On March 5, Young Dolph dropped the single “Aspen,” a collaboration with Key Glock, in which Dolph himself documents the trip: “I cashed a check and went ballin’ in Aspen,” goes the chorus, over an organ-led trap beat and between bars describing bling and blunt-smoking in Dior robes on the trip. “Smoke the best weed and spent millions on fashion.”

On his verse, Key Glock raps about how they “jumped off quarantine” for the trip, and about his jewelry splurges: “My neck and wrist is Colorado rocky.”

The release served as an announcement that the pair has made a 20-track sequel to their 2019 album “Dum and Dummer,” which hit no. 8 on the Billboard 200 and first signaled their interest in a little place called … well, you know.

While they were in town, Dolph and Glock documented some of their exploits on Instagram, including a run-in with a fan at Paradise Corner. Dolph and Glock had parked their Lamborghinis – one yellow, one camouflage – outside Ralph Lauren when a fan rolled up in an SUV blaring Dolph’s “Green Light” and rapping along to pay homage.

In another post, Dolph calls out to Glock – seated in the driver’s seat – and asks, “What’s that on your hand?” Glock flashes a wide smile and raises what looks like a diamond-crusted watch skyward, answering “Aspen!”

Dolph also posted video of shooting pool at the Ute Avenue chalet and doing song production on a laptop (an early version of “Aspen,” it turns out).

It all came together last weekend when Dolph and Glock dropped their “Aspen” music video, filled with footage of the Aspen spree. The video, which tallied 1.8 million views on Dolph’s channel in its first two days, opens with the rapper seated on a banquette at the luxury rental, reading the Aspen Daily News and being served a breakfast platter. From there, we see him smoke blunts, toss snowballs and frolic in the fresh powder filling the chalet’s backyard, and oggle some nude booty-shaking by a pair of women in the house’s palatial showers. Dolph and Glock also make a snowy visit to the goats at T-Lazy-7 Ranch and go snowmobiling in the backcountry. They ride the Summit Express chairlift at Buttermilk, rap at the peak outside the Cliffhouse and, though Dolph is featured carrying a snowboard, we don’t get a glimpse of either rapper skiing or boarding.

As Glock puts it in his verse: “I’m straight up out the street/No I can’t ski, but I can back in.”

It’s been a long time since the Jim Carrey-Jeff Daniels “Dumb and Dumber,” so Fat City is due for a pop culture boost. Young Dolph’s post-quarantine Aspen-themed track and video are a good start and maybe a preview of the post-pandemic excesses on the way to town for our roaring ‘20s. One thing is for sure: Young Dolph and Key Glock’s “Dum and Dummer 2” tour should be a lock to headline the 2022 X Games Aspen music festival at Buttermilk.


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