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When will we get it?

Dear Editor:

Money for soldiers, no money for teachers.

Money for bombs, no money for health care.

Money for planes, no money for infrastructure.

Money for bullets, no money for food.

Money for CIA, no money for peace corps.

Money for bailouts for the rich, no money to help the poor.

Money for inauguration balls, no money for the homeless.

Money for war, no money for peace.

Are you feeling it? There is a pattern here. It is not complicated. We support death, destruction and horror. More money to destroy the lives of innocents. Nothing to bring peace and honor to this once great country. Is the great and wonderful Obama going to do anything to change this or are we going to continue down the same old road and bomb the crap out of anyone deemed a “terrorist”? Looks like the SOS to me.

Our country is falling apart. We cannot afford to support the violence. The only people doing well with this system are the “defense contractors.” I, for one, am tired of supporting these violent leeches that have run this country into the ground for decades. The world is at a crossroad. We as a nation can lead the way for a new paradigm or continue down this same old tired path. Aren’t we getting it yet?

Wake up folks. Please wake up. Our national karma is at stake.

Ezra Jack Maret


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