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When is politically incorrect, not?

Dear Editor:

A grand dichotomy of contradiction and partisan hypocrisy. Every time I drive down the highway I can’t help but notice the absurdity of it all. Up and down the Highway 82 corridor, where pristine ranch land once displayed only horses, cows, goats and sheep, now there is the midterm infestation of the most obnoxious of intrusions.

I speak unkindly of the political weeds that spring forth from the Earth like a bad case of thistles or hemorrhoids. What right do these would-be politicians have to sporadically carpet bomb us with their advertising signage? Not only inflating their self-indulgent narcissistic egos but also infuriating and accosting the senses with sign after sign of useless, expensive displays of shear arrogance.

If, as a business owner, I were to saturate the countryside with similar random unregulated advertising, only rivaled on the New Jersey Turnpike and by the XXX adult novelty shops, I’m sure many of these same political wannabes would have their panties in a wad. Who actually pays any attention whatsoever to those little squares of marketing trash? I’m sure all the green candidates are using only recycled and recyclable materials for their campaigning. I’m sure that immediately after they are elected their first piece of legislature will deal with the remnants of the political season in a timely, thorough fashion and rid the valley floor of this blight.

At whose expense do we attribute this obviously wasteful display? Seems to me the money could be better spent on the issues at hand rather than flogging opponents and stroking themselves under the guise of getting their messages across. Spare us the rhetoric and focus on the issues of the day. If as much time were spent in congressional session on the issues as opposed to this crap, maybe we as a country wouldn’t be driving down this one-way, dead-end, pothole-riddled, ridiculous debt-burdened road!

Endorse whomever you wish, it’s all just a load of manure. I’m Jack Rafferty and I approved this message!

Jack Rafferty

Snowmass Village

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