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When Aspen calls

Dear Editor:

Aspen is like a love affair that you treasure deep in your heart forever. “When Aspen calls” there is nothing else you can think about. A synchronistic opportunity presents itself, one of those moments where the planets seem to align in your favor, you seize the moment and go.

Fall in Aspen is my favorite season; when the aspen leaves turn yellow, the sunlight shines through them, creating a golden glow. The crisp fall air flutters the leaves, creating deep serenity as they whisper inspiring poetic expressions of heartfelt love. Like the aspen trees that are all connected by their roots, we are family, and like the leaves there are many on the tree of life.

Walking the streets of Aspen, those loved ones I hold dear to my heart appear as though just the thought of them manifests their presence in the moment. We extend blessings for each other in a warm embrace of loving appreciation for the gift we are. I realize my wealth is lifelong friendships. These are the riches I treasure.

Had lunch at the Explore Bookstore and sitting next to me was precious angel Lexie Potamkin, a sweet dear friend. She passed her business card over to me that read, “What is Peace?” Looking at the card I said, “Peace is Trust. With out Trust there is no Peace.”

Hinton Harrison


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