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What’s race got to do with it?

Dear Editor:While I agree with parts of Paulette Perkins’ letter, “A stream of bad behavior” (Aug. 14), I find myself asking question: Is it necessary to include race? I agree that watching five men urinate in public is offensive (even disgusting!). I also agree that “our home” has been changing. However, after watching these changes occur throughout my lifetime (I am second generation born and raised here) I certainly do not agree that all of the changes here are due to the Hispanic population as Ms. Perkins insinuated in her letter.Assuming race is based upon language can lead to a good guess, however, it is still an assumption! I am not Hispanic though I regularly speak Spanish. My point in all of this is that the last time I checked, all people are human beings – race is secondary! Why not leave race out of discussions and focus on the person?I find it quite ironic that Ms. Perkins is asking for more respect while she is showing none. Assumptions and generalizations based upon skin color and language lead to erroneous thinking and hatred. Have we, as a society, not learned anything from history? I can think of only one conclusion: Division by race has led to the present condition our country is in – be it a middle eastern war or a fence on an invisible line created by a few men. I realize that we are all entitled to our own opinion, however, may I suggest we remember one thing: We are all human beings and perhaps if we all were more respectful and more kind to each other, our world might be a little less filled with hatred and “bad behavior.”Lissa PabstSnowmass