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What’s not in the news

Dear Editor:

America’s mainstream news reported the civilian deaths in Gaza resulting from a clash between Fatah and Hamas, but neglected to report any of the following stories from the Occupied Territories, which also happened in the last week.

From International Middle East Media:

Seven people were injured when the Israeli army attacked the weekly nonviolent protest against the construction of the apartheid wall near a West Bank village. Israeli soldiers showered the civilians with tear gas, sound bombs and rubber-coated steel bullets and beat two protesters.

Israeli forces ordered farmers near the northern West Bank city of Jenin to evacuate their orchards, forbidding the owners from using them and barred them from any future use of their land.

Israeli military forces destroyed two wells near Jenin. Six military vehicles, backed by a bulldozer, destroyed the wells that residents depend on and filled them with dirt.

The Israeli army conducted 24 military invasions into the West Bank and kidnapped 68 Palestinian civilians, including seven children and one woman, bringing the number of Palestinians kidnapped by the Israeli army in the West Bank since January to 2,329.

One civilian was killed and three injured when a bomb left by the Israeli army exploded in the West Bank city of Nablus.

Near Bethlehem, Israeli troops attacked the village of al-Fourdess, sealed all routes in and out of the village, and demolished two homes.

A Palestinian youth was shot and wounded by the Israeli army near Jenin during civilian clashes with invading Israeli forces.

A teenager was injured in his village near Bethlahem when an Israeli army mine exploded in his immediate vicinity.

The Israeli group “Peace Now” released their semiannual report on illegal Israeli settlements built on Palestinian land, finding that settlements are expanding at three times the rate of growth inside Israel proper.

Settlement growth on illegally seized Palestinian land has increased exponentially since 1967 in direct contravention of the Fourth Geneva Convention to which Israel is a signatory. Israeli settler groups did not deny the expansion of settlements, instead thanking the Peace Now group for documenting their project of expanding the Jewish homeland.

With the pervasive censoring of our news, it’s no wonder people don’t believe what I write about Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians. But just because you don’t hear about it on CNN or FOX doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Sue Gray


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