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What’s next for government intrusion?

Dear Editor:

Since I’ve heard good reports about the government health care enjoyed in other countries, I’ve been withholding judgment on our own new health care law, hoping for the best.

But wow, I have doubts. For starters, the need to get official permission before treatment seems fine for sheep, but not free human beings. Plus I shudder to contemplate the coming bureaucratic abuse. If you think this fear is overblown, read up on the IRS. Try dealing with the INS. Or just go to the post office and get your passport renewed.

Nevertheless we might justly despise the old health system. No argument there. But please consider that the new health care “right” cannot descend like manna from heaven.

It’s going to cost, and not just in taxes. Allowing the government to control our bodies so fully, we risk losing more genuine rights in the bargain.

Unfortunately, recent news bears this out. In order to bestow the new gift, the president who campaigned on “fundamental change” is revoking fundamental freedom of religion.

In short, the new health bureaucracy is requiring all such employers as the Catholic Church to offer plans that include birth control and abortion-inducing drugs. Never mind that the policy forces a group of citizens to violate its own long-established religious convictions. Forget their First Amendment right to refuse.

The new regime has given them a year to change their minds and sell their souls.

They can renounce their beliefs or pay fines so crippling as to close their schools, hospitals and charities.

Some might think this a good thing. I don’t. I don’t believe we need subsidized birth control more than basic human rights.

That’s why I’m writing. We need to recognize the full extent of the administration’s power grab.

We must not forget that before contraception we had the constitution. Long before welfare, we enjoyed free exercise of religion.

We understood that the right of every human being to heed the dictates of conscience is universal, and prior to any law.

That it’s not a gift bestowed by the high-and-mighty state. That no agency can take it away, nor can voters decide to give it up.

Let’s not forget: A government that can so abuse a powerful body like the Catholic Church can easily victimize anyone else.

In sum, our leaders seem determined to force their benevolence where they have no right. So however late, I’ve made my judgment. However cheaply other countries manage, Obamacare is proving too expensive. I don’t like this fundamental change. I hate to see Americans sacrifice real freedom for the promise of a little more security. How about you?

Write your representatives.

Chris King