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What’s next, ban people?

Dear Editor:

If plastic bags for groceries are banned, are plastic bags for everything going to be banned? Would this mean that dry cleaners could not put a plastic bag over the dry cleaned clothes? Would there be a ban on putting our garbage in plastic bags? How far does this go?

Will the use of Ziploc bags and plastic plates and bowls be banned? Will someone stand at the entrance to Aspen and explain our plastic bag rules to our tourists and visitors?

Does this ban carry over to hardware stores, clothing stores, carryout food from restaurants? How far will this go?

If I were City Market or Clark’s Market, I would place a large sign explaining the City Council’s rule. Then, I would have a large display of various sizes of plastic bags in boxes that people could buy and use to take their purchases home.

The next thing our local government will do is ban people from coming to Aspen.

John Miller


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