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What’s he doing?

Abigail Eagye

Aspen, CO ColoradoI was recently nominated to The Aspen Times safety committee (a prestigious but little-known honor in a building as flammable as ours). Ever since then, I’ve been taking note of safety bulletins wherever I go.

OK, not really. But I did notice the safety signs in the gondola at Ajax recently. It’s the usual stuff – mostly helpful hints on how not to fall out.

My question is this: Why is the cartoon man in the cartoon gondola wearing a suit and a tie? Aren’t penny loafers a hazard on snow and ice? Is it because the gondolas are made in Switzerland, a country full of bankers?

More interesting still, by the time we progress to the frame where the banker actually falls out of the gondola, he’s been downgraded to a stick figure. Is this to protect the innocent, like when they put a black bar over someone’s eyes on the show “COPS?”What are your theories? I want to know. E-mail me at abby@aspentimes.com. Feel free to send photos of any other mystifying signs you see on the hill.