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What you need in the event of emergency

What you need in a “Go Bag” in the event of evacuation: Contact numbers and established meeting place information, copies of important documents (insurance info, photo ID), bottled water and energy bars, flashlight and battery-operated radio, basic medications and first-aid kit.

What you need in the house: Water is the most important item in any emergency cache. Budget for 1 gallon per person per day (and don’t forget the dog!). And change water supply every six months. Pitkin County emergency management coordinator Ellen Anderson recommends keeping 1 gallon of water per person per day – which makes 30 gallons of water per person per month. A food supply is also crucial. Anderson suggests stocking enough nonperishable, ready-to-eat canned foods (and a manual can opener) for the whole family and pets.For one person for one month, officials suggest the following: • 14 cans of canned of protein (fish, meat or powdered eggs)• 14 cans of canned stew, soup or chili • 28 cans of vegetables• 28 cans or packages of dried fruit• Several boxes of starches (rice, pasta, crackers)• 7 to 14 cans of beans• Enough cereal, granola bars and coffee for 28 breakfasts.Additions: dried milk, non-refigerated cheese, coffee, tea, cocoa mix, cookies, vitamins, bouillon, oil and vinegar, condiments (sugar, creamer, ketchup, spices), peanut butter, packets of mayonnaise and pickle relish.To keep food fresh, keep it in a cool, dry place and replace items before expiration dates (keep newer food items in the back of storage and older items toward the front).Also be sure to have a battery-operated AM/FM radio, which is vital for staying informed.For further information about preparedness, log on to: http://www.readycolorado.com

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