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What you can expect

Dear Editor:Greetings, fellow mushrooms! Are you looking forward to your new middle-class income tax cut for 2005? Got a great dream list of consumer items that’ll stimulate the economy? Well, pack them into that $162 that the middle 20 percent of taxpayers will reap.Or, barring that, borrow the credit card of a fellow citizen who is in the top 20 percent of earners and spend her $1,317.Now, if you’re a corporation, you’ll get a nice share of the $12 billion allocated in tax cuts to them.But if you’re a low-income earner with kids, don’t expect an extension of the Child Tax Credit. Why, at $4 billion, that would have been welfare.Continue to hang out in dark places, and this is what you can expect.Pressing on, Mabel MacdonaldGlenwood and Aspen