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What we don’t need

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to congratulate the braintrust of Garfield and Hecht on “restoring” The Red Onion to it’s glory days; you’ve done a fine job.

Before you decided to triple the rent to a perfectly good and popular tenant of 23 years, thus forcing him out of business, Wab’s Red Onion was doing around 100 to 150 lunches per day during the busy season, around 100 dinners in the evenings and always doing a healthy bar business that the locals and tourist alike enjoyed.

How’s business been for the last year and a half? Oh that’s right, you wanted a change. Well, you got it. Who’s paying the rent and the bills now? How’s the demolition and reconstruction coming? I’m sure if you ever manage to get it open again you’ll make it just another highpriced restaurant that nobody in this town wants.

We don’t need any more white tablecloth restaurants, and we don’t need any more real estate offices. Enough is enough.

Snap out of it. All of you landlords in town need to get real. Please, don’t ruin this great little town.

Rob Carney


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