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What the Times is doing, what we will do, what we could do

Jordan Curet/The Aspen Times
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A number of short-term possibilities exist that would likely reduce emissions and pay for themselves quickly. The following changes have either occurred or will occur within the next year at The Aspen Times:• Hire an expert to find the holes in the building exterior, to plug the holes with caulk or other materials and conserve heat.• Switch to 30 percent post-consumer recycled office paper; we already use 18 percent post-consumer newsprint.• Replace our existing appliances with energy-efficient ones.• Provide free bus passes to employees who commute.• Encourage our printing press to buy wind energy and offset its carbon emissions.

• New, energy-saving windows are too expensive, given the odd sizes of all our windows and the likelihood of a new building within five years. • A new, more efficient boiler is unlikely due to cost. • Solar energy will not be cost-effective until we can improve the efficiency of our building.

• Senior managers have discussed the purchase of a more efficient delivery truck, which would likely yield huge savings. A new truck is in the works but has not been approved. • A new Main Street office building with an energy-efficient design.

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