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What the ‘frack’?

Dear Editor:

What’s the “fracking” worry. Why should we worry about clean water … just because we have to drink it?

“Regulating” is such a nasty word to corporate America. Our current Republican administration has voted against it, always with the bottom line (corporate profit) in mind. Can’t we just trust Encana to do the right thing, kinda like trusting Wall Street? NOT! And you can count on the industry officials toting their company motto that drilling is always a safe practice. Kinda like the captain of the Titanic saying “all ahead full!”

Does anyone know that the “Encana oversight committee” has seven individuals on their board. All seven of them have worked for the oil and gas companies. Isn’t that kinda stupid! That’s like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. Where do you think their loyalties lay?

Does anyone know that the chemical composition of this “fracking solution” is highly toxic? Did you know that environmental analysts have found 65 chemicals in this “fracking solution” that are listed as hazardous under federal law? Does anyone see a red flag here?

Does anyone know that the holding pits that contain this “sludge” after being pulled out of the ground are supposed to be made of concrete, but only 50 percent of the holding pits are concrete-lined. The other 50 percent are made of raw earth! Do you think this toxic sludge could leach into the raw earth and into our water systems? Are you willing to take that chance? Encana is.

This is like playing Russian roulette with a loaded revolver. How long will it take before we wake up to fact that we need common-sense oversight and ethical regulation? Would any one of us want a drill site on our ranch or land with a raw-earth holding pit? How many horror stories must we hear about landowners being screwed over by corporate oil and gas companies before we the people insist that our politicians put some common-sense regulatory commission and fines in place to protect us.

All it takes is one incident of this toxic “fracking sludge” leaching into the water system. Do you think that cancer could possibly follow? Imagine your property value?

It’ll be a fire sale! You won’t be able to get 10 cents on the dollar. Who would want to buy your land or ranch with a contaminated water system? Maybe an Encana executive would be willing?

One day, wouldn’t it be nice if Encana and every other oil and gas company put 10 percent of their profits (millions and billions) into protecting the golden goose (Mother Earth and our ecosystem) that gives them their businesses and their profits. We want them to be profitable. But we also want them to be responsible.

By the way, does anyone find it odd and slightly immoral that the oil and gas companies have been exempted from the clean drinking water law? The one industry that should be held to the highest standards was exempted by “W.”

Congrats goes out to Colorado Rep. John Salazar and New York Rep. Maurice Hinchey for sponsoring the new fracking regulation bill. If any one of our Colorado politicians vote against this bill, vote ’em out of office! Or better yet, make ’em live next to a drill platform with a raw-earth holding pit and insist they drink the water.

KC Johnson


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