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What roads are for

Dear Editor:In response to your article in Tuesday’s paper concerning cyclists in Garfield County (“Cyclists no longer spinning wheels in Garfield County,” July 3) I’d like to say to the cyclists in the entire valley, ROADS ARE DESIGNED FOR CARS, NOT BIKES (that is in fact the difference between roads and bike paths.) If one looks up “road” in the dictionary, the definition is: a long, narrow stretch with a paved surface, made for traveling by motor vehicle.I agree with Commissioner Larry McCown that the cost of mixed-sized gravel could not be justified when so few residents would benefit. How many cars drive those roads every day and how many bikers ride them? I would bet that the disparity between those two statistics is astounding. I have a difficult time understanding why bikers should even be allowed to ride on the roads at all – not only does it pose a danger to the biker but also a burden to the driver. If bikers cannot follow the rules of road biking, then they should not be allowed to use them, let alone determine the size of gravel.Every day I pass bikers on both the Woody Creek and Catherine Store roads, and every time they refuse to get in single file, do not get as far over as possible so they can be passed, fail to stop at stop sings, and cannot seem to signal their turns. All of these acts make the roads more dangerous for me as a driver and are incredibly rude and inconsiderate. Why did we spend millions of dollars on the Rio Grande Trail or money on the CRMS trail when bikers refuse to use them? Frankly, bikers do not deserve to decide how our roads look – drivers do.Jade MossCarbondale

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