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What now?

Well, here we are post-election, and it was very interesting on both national and local levels. To all those people that didn’t vote or weren’t registered, please take advantage of your privilege and right and vote next time. It is so simple yet so important.

Now that the election is over, I find myself asking, “Now what?” What do these votes mean and how are my representatives going to follow up?

I, too, have been guilty of leaving issues behind after an election. I know we all get so beaten up during campaigns that it is a relief when the voting is done.

Locally, we must continue to work toward our goals. What happens now that the highway vote rejected a new alignment? Are our representatives going to fight for the wishes of a slim majority? Maybe a new bridge on Maroon Creek? It is time for creative and bold ideas on our community issues.

And what about those trolleys? We voted not to pursue installing the rail for trolleys but couldn’t the city make use of the asset and not just give them away? I thought the refurbished trolley was perfect sitting at Rubey Park. Could they have been used as kiosks or something, even in our own valley?

I think most people don’t have it in their day-to-day to be the overseer of our elected officials ? that is why we have representation. But I want to say that it is so important to pay attention to what is going on, and raise your voice any time you feel the need.

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