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What now for recycling?

Dear Editor: It’s true the Friends of Rio Grande Park were well funded. Not in cash, as some people may like to think, but in many thousands and thousands of hours of volunteer work done by many people. Everyone agreed on one thing before the election – the recycling center drop-off in Rio Grande Park was a trash-strewn, muddy mess. It still is. Just like the Entrance to Aspen, where everyone agrees something needs to be done, it’s how the mess is going to be solved that people disagree on. While Mayor Klanderud called the loss of buildings “unfortunate,” I am thrilled with all the possibilities now that voters have rejected the buildings. The mayor went on to say, “If you campaign against something, you ought to have the courage to come forward with your own plan” and “not be cowardly.” I totally agree. In about two weeks time, the construction trailer and all its associated debris in the recycling center will be moving out, as Obermeyer Place is almost ready for its grand opening. Simultaneously, the chain-link fencing which has fallen down, along with the litter and trash, needs to be picked up, just as is done on the malls and on other city properties. While the mayor may not think improving the recycling center is a priority, the city does have a legally binding agreement known as the lease agreement with Obermeyer – within nine months after the construction trailer is removed, improvements to the recycling center need to be completed. The city has no choice but to complete improvements to the recycling center within nine months. This coming Monday, the council has a regular meeting scheduled with public comment. I am going to take the mayor’s advice. I will be brave and bring forward a plan. My only question to the mayor: Do I get my full three minutes for public comment, or would you prefer to add the legally binding, Obermeyer lease-agreement recycling center improvements as an action item to the agenda so the council can start taking steps to fulfilling their contractual obligations? Many thanks to everyone who helped on this campaign. It’s not the money which is spent on a campaign which counts, it’s the community pulling together to make a dream come true which makes the difference! Everyone, including those who supported the buildings, wants to see the recycling center’s muddy mess cleaned up. With the council’s cooperation, the hard work of the skateboarders, the COWOP group, Obermeyer, the voting public and the Friends of Rio Grande Park will make dreams come true! Toni KronbergAspen

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