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What next – birth control?

Dear Editor:Several things about the babysitting tax for Eagle County are confusing. There are numerous things mentioned that the tax could be used for, but nothing that says specifically what it will be used for. According to a Vail Daily article on Oct. 10, the average sales price for a single-family home was $1,103,211. That amounts to a total tax of approximately $1,975.85 for the life of this tax. Of course, business property is taxed at a much higher rate. The campaign information claiming “less than 95 cents a week” is misleading. Why is the tax due to end in 15 years? Is that when Arn Menconi figures his children will be raised and he won’t need the help any longer? I can’t believe all children will no longer need care in 15 years. Are Arn and Peter going to impose birth control next? It was great to read the article in the Vail Daily about the organized effort to defeat this tax. I’ll give some money to that group and spend the rest on my grandchildren. Please vote NO on 1A.Mike LederhauseMcCoy, Colo.

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