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What Mick Ireland stands for

Dear Editor:

It was unfortunate that The Aspen Times did not choose to cover Mick Ireland’s formal announcement that he is seeking a second term as mayor.

Mick did a great job last Wednesday laying out where he would like to lead the city with a second term. His issues are well thought out, rooted in the values that so many Aspenites share, and based on the decisions he and the current council have made over the last two years.

The Aspen Times recently wrote an editorial declaring civility as the issue of the upcoming campaign. While it may be an issue, there is much more to governance.

Contrary to popular belief, Mick is not for zero growth. On Wednesday, at his announcement, he talked about the need to continue working towards responsible growth that doesn’t impact the community in a negative way.

One excellent example of responsible growth that Mick supports would be the building of the new Aspen Art Museum. The proposed new museum (built entirely with non-taxpayer funds) would add great vitality to downtown Aspen and would be built on a scale and mass that fits the location.

Mick talked about how the City Council has taken strong steps over the last two years to make Aspen more responsible and accountable on the environment. The city has reduced its carbon footprint 23 percent under Mayor Ireland’s administration through a variety of common-sense and extraordinary initiatives within the city government.

On the consumer level, there is a new electric rate system in place designed to discourage overuse and pay for home energy audits and subsidize solar installations, insulation upgrades and other energy-saving activities. If re-elected, Mick promises to implement this important new initiative.

At his press conference Wednesday, Mick admitted that his demeanor hasn’t always been perfect as mayor and promised to do better. I would challenge you to name a mayor whose behavior and public comments were perfect. At least Mick has the humility and self-awareness to acknowledge his imperfections.

The environment, measured growth, support for affordable housing, a return to our roots as a ski town in the mountains, a promise to try to do better ” those are the things Mick Ireland stands for.

The Aspen Times missed an opportunity to present Mick’s reasons for seeking a second term and to ask him questions directly. Hopefully, going forward, the paper will commit to covering this election fully, presenting readers with a comprehensive view of the candidates and the issues.

Blanca O’Leary


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